A whopping jump in Income tax collections for 2010-2011

Income tax department sources tell that Direct tax collections( Corporate tax, Personnel Income tax, Security Transaction Tax)  for the period April 2010- February 2011 jumped to Rs 3,36,177 Crore compare to Rs 2,78,411 core for the same period in the year 2009-2010.

The individual direct tax collection as follows

Direct Tax Type Tax Collections for April 2010-February 2011 (crore) Tax collections in same period 2009-201(crore) % Increase in Tax collection over last year
Corporate Income Tax collections Rs.2,23,612 Rs.1,80,318 24.01
Personnel Income Tax Rs.1,12,114 Rs.97,692 14.76
Securities Transaction Tax Rs.6,078 Rs.5,975 1.72

As per income tax department, they processed income tax returns refunds   Rs.59,602 crore for the period  April to February as compare to Rs 41,741 crore for the same period last year a over all jump 42.79%.

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